A Black Rose

Don't forget our radio interview.This is the information for our Military Sexual Trauma radio interview. If you will like to listen to it or know of someone that is interested in the information, please pass it alone. http://motivational-radio.com/news/ will be airing our interview on Tuesday, December 27 at 7pm ET.
We are getting ready for our Memorial Day Campaign. We will be bringing roses for all those MST survivors that have requested to be honor with one. We need your help to make the trip happen. Please donate to our cause what ever you give will be greatly appreciated.
Why A Black Rose?
People ask me why A Black Rose? Why Military Sexual Trauma? First a black rose, to me symbolize the mourning that my heart is feeling for the lack of care that this country, shows towards all veterans and military suffering from MST. I mourn every time I talk to people about MST and they look at you like you are lying. I mourn every day that pass and our military members are not protected from rapists. Why I decided to take this fight, because as a victim of rape while serving on the Gulf War, I want it to do whatever was possible to prevent this crime from happening to another military member. Also I want it to raise awareness, to create a place to speak out and to create change.
Our Mission:
To Raise Awareness
Our main goal is to show the nation that we will no longer stand for men and women in our armed forces being abused and sexually assaulted.
To Create a Place to Speak Out
Nothing is more painful than holding the trauma of abuse inside. A Black Rose aims to create a safe and-if need be-anonymous way to speak out on the topic of abuse in the military. This issue is real, and your support proves that.
To Create Change
Our military brothers and sisters serving this country still face startling statistical atrocities. Together, we must work towards the prevention of abuse and harassment. We believe that all members of the armed forces deserve to serve without fear of being abused by their fellow soldiers.
These veterans and military members serve and protect our country. They sacrifice their lives and their hearts for the freedoms we enjoy every day. In return, we have kept quiet about the atrocities of rape and sexual abuse soldiers face each and every day. This cannot continue.
Together, we can shed light on a dark and horrifying truth that has been left alone for far too long. Here, at you will find information and resources http://www.ablackrose.org/ regarding abuse in the military as well as our Black Rose Campaign for awareness.
You don't have to be a victim of abuse to show your support! You just have to care about our soldiers in uniform and their safety.
Please join us at our FB page and show your support htts://www.facebook.com/blackrosecampaign